We are the fibre network supplier in Stockholm

About Stokab

Stokab is owned by the City of Stockholm, and is an independent provider of passive infrastructure in the form of optical fibres, with no active termination equipment, known as dark fibre.

Geographic region and our network

The network stretches from Norrtälje to Nynäshamn and also provides fibre optic connections to and from networks in Enköping, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Strängnäs and Södertälje, and to several islands in the Stockholm archipelago. 

Tomorrows opportunities

For 25 years, we have been building, maintaining and leasing fibre connections in what is now the world’s largest open fibre network.


With more than 6,600 km of dark fibre, around 20,000 connection points and hundreds of nodes for installations, we have created the best fibre network coverage in Stockholm.

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Year in brief 2020 for the Stokab group

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