About the website

The website stokab.se is built to be accessible and useful to as many people as possible. The website is responsive and adapted for computer screens as well as tablets and mobile phones.


The site works best in a modern browser, such as the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Older browsers display the same content, but then without the site getting the "right" look or design.


Latest versions of iPhone/iPad/Mac IOS6, Android 2.3 and Windows


To protect your information, the website uses https. This means that the traffic between the web server and your browser is encrypted. For security reasons, SSL3 and older versions are turned off because they are no longer considered secure.


We use breadcrumb trails to make it easier for you to navigate the website. The breadcrumb trail appears at the top of each page, above the page title. They can be clicked to back up.

Photos on the website

The images on the website may only be used by Stokab unless otherwise stated.

Comments on the website

If you have any comments or questions about the website or its content, please feel free to email them to kommunikation@stokab.se

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