We offer fibre network in Stockholm

Our mission from our owner the City of Stockholm is to build and lease dark fibre on equal terms to companies in all industries, ranging from internet operators and data centres to banks and property owners.

Technical information

In order for you to be confident in our standards and what we have delivered in terms of fibre, connector type and attenuation, you always get a connection report on delivery. Below you can see our standards regarding our fibre network, but we can also deliver several other variants based on your needs.

Learn more in our reports and studies

We have collected reports, studies and seminar connected to Stokabs business. The last study - Neutral fibre and the European Green Deal - explore how Stockholm City’s fibre network has helped Stockholm to become amongst the world’s greenest cities, and evaluate the environmental benefits that could be achieved across Europe if other communities follow Stockholm’s example.

Customer service

Useful information

We present a collection of useful information and common terms when you do business with Stokab.

Business guidelines

Information about invoices and Swedish regulatory scheme regarding value added tax (VAT).