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Stokab leases fibre optic networks that telecom operators, businesses, local authorities and organisations use for digital communications. Leasing agreements are structured on favorable terms to encourage IT development and strong growth in the Stockholm region.

In addition to fibre optics, Stokab provides space in nodes/hubs where customers can install communication equipment needed to connect their own networks to others’ networks.

Flexible business solutions

Fibre optics can be leased individually in various packages designed to support customers’ specific requirements. Our published prices can be reduced based on volume, calculated in Swedish kronor, and contract length. Customers can also opt to lease equipment at a price based on the distance between two addresses, or a fixed price for connections within a given area. Service Level Agreements (SLA) and redundancy are offered with leases of all connections across the entire network.

An independent actor

Stokab is owned by Stockholm City Council, and is an independent actor that provides passive infrastructure in the form of optical fibres that do not have active termination equipment, known as dark fibre. Since we started in 1994, the goal of the company has been to build a competition-neutral infrastructure capable of meeting future communication needs, spur economic activity, diversity and freedom of choice, as well as minimising disruption to the city’s streets.

Unlimited capacity

Fibre optics is an optical system for transferring light. Its unique characteristics make it ideal to all types of digital communication such as computer traffic, TV and telephony. An optical fibre is lighter than a strand of hair, and can transmit millions of phone calls or hundreds of TV channels simultaneously.

With high capacity digital communication becoming so important to companies and individuals – a readily available, powerful and robust IT infrastructure is needed everywhere and around the clock.

The network stretches from Norrtälje to Nynäshamn and covers large areas of Stockholm, as well as a large number of offices and business centres in the region. Stokab also offers fibre optic connections from and to networks in Enköping, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Strängnäs and Södertälje, and to several islands in the Stockholm archipelago.

Stokab’s network stretches the equivalent of 45 times around the Earth, with 1.8 million kilometres of fibre optics, 9, 500 kilometres of cabling, 600 cross connect switches and more than 24,000 connectors.

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