Welcome to the open fibre network in Stockholm

More than 23 000 accesspoints

Through Stokab, Stockholm has one of the world's largest fibre city networks. For more than 25 years, the network has expanded, densified and configured to fit different kinds of access points.

You don’t need to make any expensive investments in the fibre infrastructure in order to establish yourself in the Stockholm market – we’ve already done that for you!

Customise your own network solution

Point to Point is the most flexible product in our offering and can be ordered within the City of Stockholm, but also in the surrounding municipalities and around lake Mälaren.


Stokab Star product consists of a fibre pair and is suitable for those who, with a relatively low entry threshold, want to act in Stokab's network structure within a geographical area.

Stable, flexible and a safe way to the cloud

Get your own highway straight forward to the Datacenters through our secure network.

The network is built with underground ducts and fibre cables drawn in a sub-conduit in the duct, with the highest quality in all parts. The construction method itself provides extensive security and prevents most forms of physical impact.

Tomorrow’s opportunities are available in Stockholm today!

Our fine-mesh network is well developed and reaches more than 90 percent of households and 99 percent of commercial properties within the greater Stockholm area. Apartment blocks and commercial properties are connected to the network, along with other locations in the Stockholm region.

As a Stokab customer, the smart services of the future are already within your reach.

Stokab in figures

million kilometre fibre optic
new connections delivered 2020
access points

See animation about Stokabs fibre net

Stokab is owned by the City of Stockholm and is an independent provider of passive infrastructure in the form of optical fibres, with no active termination equipment, known as dark fibre.

Our acts as a wholesaler

Our mission from our owner the City of Stockholm is to build and lease dark fibre on equal terms to companies in all industries, ranging from internet operators and data centres to banks and property owners.