We offer fibre-network in Stockholm

Stokab owns and is responsible for the world’s largest open urban grid in Stockholm. With the City of Stockholm as our owner, our mission is to build, maintain and lease fibre on equal terms to operators, property owners and other companies.

Our customers are companies in all industries, such as internet operators and data centres, banks and property owners. More than 90 percent of the multi-dwelling properties and most of the commercial property in Stockholm is connected to our operator-neutral fibre.

Our business model is good for the market

We deliver fibre - that everyone may use

For us, and the City of Stockholm, the definition of fibre infrastructure is any and all terrestrial infrastructure. It is an infrastructure that is available to everyone, just like the infrastructure of roads, which may be used by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Our task is to build, lease and maintain a robust black fibre network for the Stockholm region. All stakeholders in the market should be able to lease fibre from us on equal terms, as needed.

Individual stakeholders do not, therefore, need to dig up the city streets in order to install their own fibre cable, since that is our responsibility. The market can instead focus on designing its own active level and filling it with digital services.

We call it the Stokab model.

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The Stokab model creates diversity and lower prices

By only leasing black fibre, we do not compete with our customers. Fibre that is leased on equal terms to everyone also stimulates competition in the market, which, in turn, results in lower prices for broadband.

It also takes away the expense that individual stakeholders would otherwise incur by needing to dig and install cable in order to offer their services. The model creates diversity in the market, which is reflected in the fact that there are 100 operators and service providers in Stokab’s fibre network.

In addition, Stokab has around 900 corporate customers who lease black fibre from us, including banks, insurance companies, retailers, property owners and public sector entities, such as hospitals, courthouses and municipalities.

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Long-term ownership for a safe future

Stokab has been owned by the City of Stockholm for around 25 years.

This municipal form of ownership ensures stability and a long-term approach, which contributes to stability and security in the market.

With an expansive fibre network, there is also a high level of digital maturity which facilitates new market opportunities. That, in turn, helps generate growth, jobs and sustainable development.

It is in the City’s interests to make long-term investments in infrastructure that stimulates development in the market and society at large.

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We have the best solutions for you

As a customer of Stokab, you receive Fibre as a Service (FaaS) and always our best price. You don’t need to make any expensive investments in the fibre infrastructure in order to establish yourself in the Stockholm market – we’ve already done that for you!

Tell us about your business and we can suggest the best solution for you.

We contribute to a sustainable Stockholm

Sustainability is a central component of Stokab’s business and involves continuous improvement in our selected focus areas. We strive to lower the climate and environmental impact of our operations by setting annual targets and pursuing various activities in our environmental and climate action plan, together with work we do in our sustainability areas.